Viral 2016 Horror Movie Full HD Download

Download Viral 2016 Full Movie
Genre:Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi Directors: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman Writers: Christopher Landon, Barbara Marshall Stars: Analeigh Tipton, Michael Kelly, Sofia Black-D'Elia

Viral 2016 Horror Movie Full HD Download

The authors of the hit documentary Catfish decided to go to horror. They still remain partly in the document. New Henry Joost and Schulman aAriela Viral should take place in the near future, when the virus killed off most of humanity. Those fortunate to survive quarantine and fight every day for their lives. Emma (Sofia Black D'Elia) and her sister Stacey (Analeigh Lipton) are two ordinary teenager whose life changed from one day to the other dramatically. Because in her hometown spread a mysterious infection that makes it necessary to put the residents under quarantine. While her parents are stuck on the other side, the girl initially enjoying freedom. Suddenly she can go to parties and eat as much fast food as they would like. But when the virus even sacrifice among the people asks who are close to them, as Emma's secret crushes Evan (Travis Tope), the girls entrench at home. Sealed off from the rest of civilization is, however, Emma soon face a very serious decision when she must choose whether to protect her sister or to survive the virus.Sofia Black D'Elia has played role in popular TV show Gossip girls and also a role in free movie download Project Almanac.Viral 2016 Horror Movie Full HD Download is available free of cost in full length from our website from links added below.


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