The Pyramid 2014 Free Movie Download

The Pyramid 2014 Free Movie Download
Genre:Horror Director:Grégory Levasseur Writers:Daniel Meersand, Nick Simon Stars:Denis O'Hare, Ashley Hinshaw, James Buckley

The Pyramid 2014 Free Movie Download Online

Many people have heard about the curse of the Egyptian pyramids, that they can not go, that they can not defile, and so on. But it is clear that not everyone believes in it. Especially disbelief spread among archaeologists, scientists, people who used to trust the facts. AThe ancient wonders of the world long cursed researchers who dare to reveal their secrets. But a team of American archaeologists gets more than they bargained for when they discover a lost pyramid unlike any other in the Egyptian desert. As they discover the terrible secrets buried within, they realize that they are not simply trapped; they are hunted.For a horror story turned out quite well, plus a good prepodnoshenie all events. At the beginning of the film "Pyramid" tells about.The Pyramid 2014 Free Movie Download from our website.




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