The Notebook 2013 Full Movie Download

Director:Janos Szasz Genre:Drama,war Stars:Andras Gyemant, Laszlo Gyemant, Gyongyver Bognar The Notebook 2013 Full Movie Download:Agota Kristof's award-winning novel The Notebook was filmed in a Hungarian-German co-production. A depressing film that is thought-provoking. Even if there is no new information about the absurdity of war, so you can draw a second glance a few insights about the (dis) incarnation of this film.Two brothers can no longer be cared for by her mother in the war. There is not enough food, so she brings her twins to her mother to the countryside in the city. But by now the two women had broken each other. Their grandson, the old man never saw, did not even know of them. Although they insulted the whole family, she tolerates the presence of the two boys. But they should also make decent work for the shelter and their meager meals.Quite obviously missing the brothers the warm love of the mother and the same feelings to get from the grandmother, is unimaginable. From her come if at all reminders to abide by the nearby border away, soldiers could shoot. Everyone seems to be against them to disapprove of their existence. So the twins decide to toughen up in order to survive in the hostile world. Mutually beat them with belts or cause fights. They harden off and mentally by abusing themselves. Yes, finally put them on even various disciplines. Everything will be recorded in the big book.


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