Jake’s Road 2014 Free Movie Download

Jake’s Road 2014 Free Movie Download
Genre: Action | Horror | Thriller IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 from 32 users Directed by: Mike Mayhall Starring: Eric Roberts, Garrett Hines, Leticia Jimenez

Jake’s Road 2014 Free Movie Download

This is a action movie that has also Horror content in it.A young man find himself in a hospital.He is brutally beaten and bruised.He is struggling with his mind in keeping things together.He soon remembers that he was relaxing during the weekend with his friends when they are attacked by a killer.When they come to know about the identity of the killer they found something more horrifying.This horror movie is set in rural southern Louisiana.With its twists and turn it bounds the audience to the story.You can have Jake’s Road 2014 Free Movie Download online without using torrentfrom our website from links added below.



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