And so It Goes 2014 Free Movie

Genre:Comedy | Drama | Romance Director:Rob Reiner IMDB Rating:5.7/10 Starring: Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, Sterling Jerins And so It Goes 2014 Free Movie:Oren Little is a realtor unsympathetic towards the human race that wants nothing more than to sell his house and retire. His plans, however, are messed up by the son who unexpectedly gives him his nephew to serve a sentence in jail and whose existence he knew nothing. Unable to take care of the little girl of nine years, relies on the resolute and loving neighbor Leah, local singer, who slowly and encountering some resistance manage to make inroads in the life of Oren.Rob Reiner ( When Harry Met Sally - It's never too late ) director who made ​​his ideal kind of comedy, returns to cinema with a film that explores the sentimental kind being able to measure out humor and romance in a "classic" but successful . Although the story may seem somewhat obvious and views, two neighbors who hate each other at first and then begin to know, here becomes a predominant characteristics within the story. The neighborhood is a microcosm in which all the characters interact with each other with the usual exchange (s) courtesies and greetings, as well as rumors and reports. Never so close poster From this structure a screenplay by Mark Andrus ( Something has changed ) manages to insert two protagonists who, like almost all comedies of American director, put themselves in opposition through strong clashes of character and a lot of scenes in dialogue in which men emerge convinced they know exactly what they want from life and women mainly more mature and courageous. These qualities are enhanced by the quality of two Academy Awards, Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton , the first love his style of life rich snob made ​​a scintillating routine including walking in the car and martini, but most do not care the least busy of the other. While the latter, with his usual "interpretation" of people nervous and insecure that made ​​Allen's muse, manages to be a woman full of interesting and full of love as we point out the scenes in which she can Download movies Free from the link provided below. Cast who manage to carve out a place with the strength of its effectiveness, is the two-time Tony Award Frances Sternhagen in the role of Claire, a friend of Douglas and with whom he shares hilarious comic scenes that hide veiled "moral" life. Albeit the story ends without any major mishaps, the film manages to convey the laughter and the importance of second chances.



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