Download Now You See Me 2 2016 Full Movie

Download Now You See Me 2 2016 Full Movie
Genre:Action, Comedy, Thriller

Download Now You See Me 2 2016 Full Movie

2016 for the film industry is popularly known as the "Year of superhero movies," because they see the light 7 (!!!) films about the adventures of the famous comic book characters. However, the audience that the guys with super powers are negative or indifferent, or simply enjoy a variety of film genres, is something to see, because the screen comes the detective thriller "Now You See Me: Act II" - continuation of the story of the four jugglers, adventurers, skillfully Stroke the audience around her finger.In 2013, the picture of Louis Leterrier has received rave reviews and audience most critics, and showed excellent results at the box office, earning more than 351 million. Dollars with a budget of 75 million. Thus, the film is more than four times paid back spent on its production amount, and not only lived up to his film company Summit Entertainment expectations, but surpassed them.


Initially it was planned that in the director's chair takes Louis Leterrier - the person who directly depended on the success of the first "Illusion ...". However, the director refused to setting the second part of the saga, preferring her to work on the comedy "Grimsby". By the way, Leterrier took with him one of the stars of "Now You See Me" Aylu Fisher, which means that the Four Horsemen lost the only woman in its composition.However, the replacement does not have to wait: the director of the "Second Act" became director of blockbuster GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2 Jon Chu, and the main female role went to the star of the series "Masters of Sex" Lizzy Caplan. On the first places great hopes studio-producer of the film, and the second from the fans of history are waiting for convincing acting, which will allow her character to Lula organically fit into the team.


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