Download Momentum 2015 Full Movie

Download Momentum 2015 Full Movie
Genre:Action, Thriller Director: Stephen S. Campanelli Writers: Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan Stars: Olga Kurylenko, James Purefoy, Morgan Freeman

Download Momentum 2015 Full Movie

Russia is one of the first areas where the "Momentum" viewers can already be seen in cinemas. However, except for Olga Kurylenko in the form of an action-heroine, look here, as it turned out strongly at that - to us an ordinary B-movie: stupid, secondary, cheap and unappealing. Although all begins unexpectedly vigorously: the feeling is that a large part of the budget and all the inspiration the creators have gone to the first scene of the robbery, after which everything dosnyal in the "economy" mode. This scene looks spectacular in the first place thanks to an interesting discovery with costumes robbers: the entire surface the skin is tightened securely dark material, and on their heads blind face mask, performing functions including voice changes - even at first it may seem that the action takes place in the near future. Costumes, definitely designed for maximum secrecy that even the robbers apparently indistinguishable from each other . However, due to an unfortunate incident, Alexis (Olga Kurylenko), will have to show his true colors witnesses that several spoil the situation. However, the gangsters get their diamonds, and with them in a pouch and is a flash drive with incriminating data - and the last fact concerned treacherous senator (Morgan Freeman) in a much greater extent. And still interested in politics improvised sex teip, somehow turned on the phone to some girl, somehow related to our robbers.You can Download Momentum 2015 Full Movie free from links added below in HD 720p quality.


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