Download Burnt 2015 Movie 720p HD Rip

Download Burnt 2015 Movie 720p HD Rip
Genre:Comedy, Drama Director: John Wells Writers: Steven Knight, Michael Kalesniko Stars: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Omar Sy

Download Burnt 2015 Movie 720p HD Rip

Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) is cooking with heart and soul, and plans to open the world's best restaurant.Since he was 16, Chef Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) brought the Parisian restaurant scene boil and bandage in his taste explosions genius and insanity alike. But his life in the fast lane finally catches up with him and cost him everything. But even hit rock bottom thinks Adam had no intention to give beaten. While have long since written him off his competitors, he plans in London durchzustarten new and to fight for his third Michelin star. For that he needs in his kitchen but the best of the best, including a sous chef with feelings of revenge, a former inmate and confectionery, another top chef and the beautiful Helene (Sienna Miller) belong. But on the way to the top, he has to still settle some unfinished business. Helene shows him but that he does not necessarily have to risk life and limb for this.


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