Big Eyes 2014 Free Movie Download

Big Eyes 2014 Free Movie Download
Ratings: 7.4/10 Stars:Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz, Krysten Ritter Genre:Biography | Drama

Big Eyes 2014 Free Movie Download Online

Bright and vibrant America in 50s. In the rich colors of San Francisco is born that will destroy the traditional view of art and irrevocably change the way our life looks. Came out of nowhere artist Walter Keane came up with pop art. His unusual paintings depicting children moving with huge eyes, created a furor and flooded the whole world. They are printed on calendars, postcards, housewives flaunt their aprons with their image. Walter becomes king of Contemporary Art, one of the most famous art figures of the planet.But at the peak of his fame artist modest wife Margaret suddenly claims that Walter - a crook, and that's it - the author of famous paintings. Suddenly opened the shocking details of life couple Keane in this biography movie from Hollywood.. The whole world waited to answer the question: who is it that the genius whose daring and original paintings adorn the living room every now from Paris to Alaska? In Big Eyes 2014 Free Movie Download we will see Krysten Ritter , Terence Stamp , Jason Schwartzman , Andrew Airlie , Emily Fonda and Danny Huston also part of the long cast, with set to premiere December 25 in the United States.





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