Before I Go to Sleep 2014 Full Movie Download

Before I Go to Sleep 2014 Full Movie Download

Before I Go to Sleep 2014 Full Movie Download

Genre:Mystery | Thriller Director: Rowan Joffe Stars: Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong The main heroine Christine ( Nicole Kidman ) has suffered from many years of failure, where every night is losing memories of the previous day. In the morning and waking up next to the shocked husband Ben ( Colin Firth ), which does not recognize, do not know where he is or how old it is. Each day experiencing the same confusion and agitation. Only through video diary begins revealing his past and decides to find out who had prepared it for memory and normal life.In this story we follow Christine a woman of about forty years after that had an accident forget that every day she is. Her husband Ben is trying somehow to remind her every day that she is. In parallel, it follows the treatment of Dr. Nash who asked him to make videos every day to remember what she did the day before. Christine is brilliantly played by Nicole Kidman, who will give all the dramatic extent to his character. She convinces us completely by his performance. Face it we find a Colin Firth completely surprising in that role against type that will certainly please.You can download free movies from the link provided below. In the role of Dr. Nash, we find the excellent Mark Strong who bring a touch extra touch in this heavy plot.




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