As Below So Above 2014 Full Movie Download

Genre:Horror | Thriller Director:John Erick Dowdle Stars: Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge, Perdita Weeks As Below So Above 2014 Full Movie Download:Many kilometers far Paris is crisscrossed under the ground of the catacombs, the eternal grave of countless souls. As a team of scientists from the unexplored labyrinth walks through in search of a fabulous treasure, they uncover a dark secret that lies hidden in this city of the dead bone.Archaeologists want to explore the catacombs beneath Paris, but there they experience the naked horror.The catacombs horror thriller follows a group of archaeologists who are looking in the former underground quarries of Paris for a treasure. But in the gloomy corridors they expected the pure horror. You encounter an inscription stating that they will find below the gate to hell and so they come across a spectacular mass grave and a secret.Catacombs In (OT: As Above So Below) led John Erick Dowdle Director, with the Devil and quarantine proved his penchant for exciting fabrics. You can Download Full movies free of cost from the link below.Together with his brother Drew Dowdle , the filmmaker also worked on the script for the gloomy catacombs adventure that relies partially on found footage elements.



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