Addicted 2014 Full movie download


Addicted 2014 Full movie download

Director: Bille Woodruff Writers: Christina Welsh,Ernie Barbarash Stars: Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe, John Newberg The story in the film Addicted focuses on Zoe ( Sharon Leal ), a woman who is, apparently, absolutely perfect marriage. She is married to Jason ( Boris Kojo ) and has three children, while he builds a career. However, as it turns out, the heroine of the picture "Addicted" weighs the life that she leads, it pulls to indulge in unrestrained sex. she begins to meet her in the arms of other men and stands on a dangerous path that threatens to destroy not only her relationship, but also life.You can download free movies from the link provided below.Addicted 2014 Full movie download free online from links added below.




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