45 Minutes to Ramallah 2013 Full Film Download

Genre: Comedy IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 from 77 users Directed by: Ali Samadi Ahadi Starring: Eyas Younis, Julie Engelbrecht, Karim Saleh 45 Minutes to Ramallah 2013 Full Film Download:Rafik (Karim Saleh) is a Palestinian with an Israeli passport and lives in Hamburg, where he gets by as a waiter - much to the disappointment of his domineering father. Reluctantly, he accepted the invitation to the wedding of his younger brother Jamal (Navid Akhavan) and travels to his homeland. When her father suffers a fatal heart attack during the celebrations in East Jerusalem, it is the estranged brothers to fulfill its last wish to be buried in Ramallah about 45 minutes away on Palestinian territory. With her father's corpse the border between Israel and Palestine to cross but turns out to be great risk. Increasingly, the proposed short drive developed for the Odyssey, in which the brothers have to deal not only with Israeli security officials, but also with the Russian mafia and Palestinian terrorists ...



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